The NZ Property Market Podcast

S3.E16 - RBNZ keeping us busy again

May 02, 2022 CoreLogic NZ Season 3 Episode 16
The NZ Property Market Podcast
S3.E16 - RBNZ keeping us busy again
Show Notes

Once again the Reserve Bank has kept us on our toes with a number of releases in the last week. On top of lending data for March showing a continued contraction of high LVR lending (but a bounce in total lending from Feb) we also got the much awaited response to the debt-to-income (DTI) consultation feedback.

The RBNZ summary essentially kicked any introduction of DTI restrictions (and debt serviceability rate floor) down the road but still provided useful insight into their read on the market.

Meanwhile there was some interesting research published about the "Bank of Mum & Dad" and we're looking ahead to the RBNZ's release of the Financial Stability Report, out on Wednesday.

Elsewhere there's filled jobs data to review in anticipation of official labour market stats for Q1 out this week, and confidence data remains weak, with cost pressures and expectations a key concern.

Lastly a quick chat about the latest Government investment into building and development in Auckland pretty much rounds out every topic when it comes to the property market!

And of course mention of Kelvin's regular oneroof article, and the upcoming CoreLogic HPI for April.

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