The NZ Property Market Podcast

Guest Episode - Climate Panel preview with Ivan Diaz-Rainey

June 15, 2022 CoreLogic NZ Season 3
The NZ Property Market Podcast
Guest Episode - Climate Panel preview with Ivan Diaz-Rainey
Show Notes

In this special edition guest podcast, Nick interviews Ivan Diaz-Rainey, from the Univerity of Otago.

Ivan also holds a number of roles but the two of most interest for today are Director of the Climate & Energy Finance Group and Project Lead for the STRAND Marsden Fund Project. 

The discussion essentially forms a preview of the upcoming online panel event, which Ivan is a member of "Addressing climate change, financial stability & property", to be hosted by Bernard Hickey on the 7th of July at 12:30pm. The event is open to anyone with an interest - register here.

Nick and Ivan discuss a number of things to do with the climate and it's increasing inluence on our financial system all around the world. What is Climate Finance? How does NZ compare to the rest of the world when it comes to regulation and policy development? And how are both mitigating and adapting to the real impacts of climate change? And what is transition risk? 

All this is covered in the podcast as well as a bit of detail on the STRAND Marsden Project (proudly supported by CoreLogic) which as well as evaluating different models for understanding the potential impacts of flooding, looked into the South Dunedin floods of 2015 and the influence they had on property prices both short and long term.

Overall, NZ is making good progress in the Climate Finance space but there's also plenty left to do. Listen in to the podcast to hear more and make sure you register for the panel event on 7 July.

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